Living in a bubble

A few run-ins and misunderstandings with friends recently disturbed me, as I reflected on our differing perspectives and realities. How could I not see all these coming? How could I not realize how they were reading the situation and their feelings about it? I could possibly try and side step this by constructing it as […]

The war of life

Recently, I not only had the chance to read Henry David Thoreau’s Battle of the Ants, but also to study the text closely, unravelling how the author expresses his disdain for wars by showing the futility of wars through a hyperbolic presentation of the “battle” between red and black ants and comparing this to the […]

The busyness trap

This week, I have been incredibly inspired by a friend’s post on motherhood “It doesn’t get easier” and I think what she shares also applies to life in general. Each (growing) phase brings new set of challenges that would always stumble us initially, though we will eventually find our way, our way out of the […]

Reality check

Contrary to popular belief, the break that I was expecting did not arrive. Yes, I stopped working full-time. No, my part-time work was not all consuming. So, did something go wrong? Well, not quite. I will share why here and I think many would identify with this. The trouble with most of us is, we […]

Taking food seriously

Before I stopped working full-time, I gave very little thought to my expenditure on food. My thoughts on food were centered on personal preferences and health impact e.g. calories and nutritional value. My favorite dining places include Din Tai Feng, Cedele, Sushi Tei and My Grandma’s Cuisine where I knew I could get a quick, […]

Why did I leave my job?

Moving into the 4th day of my break, I am beginning to realize many people are genuinely surprised by my decision to leave my job. However, this should really not come as a surprise because I have been talking about doing this for the longest time. That said, I can also understand why people around […]

An unhurried journey

After a long teaching day, I left school for dinner with friends. For the first time in a long while, I did not feel compelled to hurry. I have informed fellow diners ahead of time that I would be late due to work commitments and I was near enough to the dinner venue to be […]

A teacher’s role

As I once again step into the shoes of a teacher, I begin to reflect on what does a teacher really do. Below are some insights that arose from spending two days in the classroom. A teacher is firstly a learner. Before I can begin to teach, I need to learn. I need to master […]

To teach again

Aug 2010 was the last time I stood before a class, just before I left Singapore for the United States to pursue a Masters degree, and how much I have forgotten what it feels like to teach. Apart from the usual anxiety of having to face a class again, uncertain whether I would be able to […]

A new beginning

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life, as I step out from the Singapore Education Service, which I was a part of for 14 years. How do I feel? I am feeling many things right now and two emotions stand out: fear and exhilaration. Frightened to be on my own and […]