Reality check

Contrary to popular belief, the break that I was expecting did not arrive. Yes, I stopped working full-time. No, my part-time work was not all consuming. So, did something go wrong? Well, not quite.

I will share why here and I think many would identify with this. The trouble with most of us is, we spend so much time clearing work stuff that a lot of our life stuff are simply get left behind. As such, very much of what I am doing involves what I call “settling (life) stuff”.

To begin with, the place I call home, whether it is my living room or my bedroom, has boxes and piles of books, papers, stationery and what-nots scattered in discreet corners, all waiting to be looked through, discarded or kept away. They are placed at discreet corners to facilitate my desire to ignore them for as long as possible. After all, packing definitely does not sound exciting and it should surprise no one that progress has been excruciatingly slow.

Then there is the personal banking that needs to be taken care of, monthly savings accounts that need reworking, GIRO payments that need reviewing and monthly expenses that need pruning. For someone who is not good with numbers, there is a lot of brain work involved in this. While I would admit this is a tad more fun than packing, as I am learning something new, I have not made much progress here either, due to the paralysis of analysis. Furthermore, I am technically on a break and I am therefore exercising my right to procrastinate.

Finally, the expected bodily breakdowns that come each time we pause in this race of life have arrived. Weakened immune system does nothing for our productivity except to lower It. Coincidentally, the ALS association is running their awareness campaign now, and as someone who has a medical history in neuroscience related conditions, I cannot help but be paranoid. This worry and the fear of the unknown, that hits when I least expect it, also brings on the usual irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

As such, for those of you who think I am enjoying life sipping champagne in some faraway beach with some Prince Charming, sorry to disillusion you, it ain’t happening. My gap year has started rather unglamorously, I’m afraid; but… There is still fun to be had in all this. For a start, I began to catch up with friends whom I have not seen for a long while, and I continue to look forward to more good times over good food with good company.

Miam Miam Spaghetti with good company

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