One month later

It has been a month since I left my full time job and the only thing that has changed in my life, is the recognition that work was really not quite the problem, I was. In the past month, I have come to see myself with new eyes, reacquainting myself… with myself. It was only […]

Growing old

I must be old. I was at Clementi Mall last weekend and for the first time, I noticed how difficult it was to get around the mall, and I am not talking about the crowds. Rather, it was the narrow escalators, narrow passageways and a minuscule lift that could barely accommodate a stroller or a […]

Respect for our teachers

Reading Mrs Chua Yen Ching’s story on The Straits Times and reading Facebook responses to this story┬áprovided much fodder for reflection. As someone who used to be with the Education Service, I know there is more to that which is reported. As much as I respect and admire Mrs Chua for her optimism and willingness […]

Learning to wait

Taking public transport has been an illuminating experience. In the weeks past, I have spent so much time on trains and buses that it felt surreal; given that I used to go almost everywhere by taxi. Traveling now takes so much time. What used to be a 25-minute taxi ride to town is now a […]

A teacher’s heart

Only two days into the week, I am ready to declare this to be a most difficult week, drained physically and emotionally. Nursing a sore throat and experiencing the onset of flu, my energy level is dreadfully low. However, low energy is never a good enough reason for any teacher to miss class and as […]