Learning to wait

Taking public transport has been an illuminating experience. In the weeks past, I have spent so much time on trains and buses that it felt surreal; given that I used to go almost everywhere by taxi. Traveling now takes so much time. What used to be a 25-minute taxi ride to town is now a 1-hour MRT ride. I used to be able to go 3 to 4 places in a day and now I generally manage at best to go 2 places a day. No doubt about it, my choice of transport had reduced my efficiency.

This loss of efficiency is not quite a loss but gain, for as I slow down, I learn to wait and in turn learn to be more patient, which in retrospect, builds character. My mental model has also shifted. I consciously factor in longer travel time, anticipating delays and exigencies. I have also learnt to wait, for you really cannot call for a bus or train the way you call for a taxi. In short, you no longer travel on your own terms but learn to fit yourself into a larger transport ecosystem.

In some oblique way, I think the public transport system, particularly the trains and buses, has taught me to be less self-centered.

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