Looking forward to a trip of many “First”

In a couple of hours’ time, I would be boarding a plane and be headed for Norway, in hope of seeing the northern lights (and thus checking an item off my bucket list, which has yet to exist), in hope of finding rest and renewal. I am generally not fond of traveling but I try and travel as much as I can, for various reasons. One of which would be, travel has a way of making us see beyond ourselves, by transplanting us into a different space, into a different world, and making everything feels and seems new again. And this upcoming trip will be my first time in Norway, my first time visiting that part of the world; it is also going to be a trip of many “first”.

For the first time in a long while, I would not be flying Singapore Airlines (yes, friends can be very proud of me!); instead, I would be taking my first flight with Finnair. I have researched a fair bit on what the flight would be like, in terms of inflight entertainment, food and beverages, seat comfort and service quality. I would rather manage my expectations and have a good time than to expect much and be sorely disappointed. That would certainly not make for a good start to a holiday.

Furthermore, this would also be the first time I would be knocking myself out with medication on flight. Still recovering from a flu bug that I caught last weekend, the doctor wrote a long prescription, dispensing enough medication to get me through my holiday. He was so sweet to have day and night medication, so that I can enjoy myself in the day and be knocked out at night for a good night’s sleep.

As if this ain’t exciting enough, this is also the first for me to have planned a trip with more than 1 outdoor activity. If my math did not fail me, my friends and I would be participating in 4 outdoor activities during winter. I really do not know what gotten into me when planning the trip ~ While I am somewhat excited to be pushing myself out of my comfort zone, I am also dreading the reality of it, how taxing these activities are going to be for me. Uh oh!

Oh, and did I mention I would also be going on my first cruise ever! Unfortunately, the ship does not come with the amenities that we commonly associate with cruise, thanks to StarVirgo and the like. It would be me, my friends, the ship and nature. I know this does sound a tad boring to city dwellers like us who are used to being overstimulated, but I have confidence in the majestic beauty of nature to awe, inspire and engage, and my interesting travel companions. My greatest fear ~ sea sickness! Since I have never been on a cruise, I really don’t know if I am going to get sea sick (I can do Batam ferry rides though); I can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Finally, this is the first time I had trouble changing SGD to the required currency NOK. Thankfully it was the really nice and helpful money changer at Ngee Ann City who not only helped procure enough NOK for our party of four but also gave us a good rate.

Collected and sorted NOK

And I think, for the first time, I am as ready as I can ever be, for the journey.

Introducing Mr Hamburglar the bodyguard

P.S. This is also going to be a rare trip where I would not be bringing my laptop with me, so if I am not responding to you online, you know why. It will be hard but I will try… Trust me, I am already feeling the anxiety of being separated with my macbook air, but I am resolved to be as fully present as I can be in Norway and spend as little time as possible with my gadgets (yup, still bringing along my iPad and iPhone, of course!) 

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