First flight with Finnair

Our flight out of Singapore was supposed to depart at 2255 hours. By the time I completed the security check at 2235 hours, the boarding area was clear – everyone before us have already boarded. I must say that I was pretty impressed by their efficiency.

On the Finnair website, it stated that only passengers traveling on the economy comfort class would be given toiletries pouch, pillow and blanket, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a pillow and blanket waiting for me at my seat. Unfortunately, I was actually feeling warm throughout the flight and did not get to use the blanket at all.

Another pleasant surprise on flight was the food. Not only was both dinner and breakfast served piping hot, the portion was adequately generous, and the food actually tasted good! I must say that the food served even surpassed that of what I enjoyed on board SQ flights. That said, I must say that charging passengers for snacks on a non-budget flight comes as something of a shock.

Overall, the flight, including take-off and landing has been smooth for this first leg of our flight. We are now at Helsinki airport waiting for the second leg of our flight to Oslo.

Cheeky Mr Hamburglar


Update: we have completed the second leg of our flight and landed safely at Oslo. Our party of 4 is currently chilling out at the airport and exploring our food options before taking our final connecting flight to Tromoso, where we officially begin our travels.

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