First impressions of the northern lights

Finally we had our sighting of the northern lights!

We went on the road with the aurora chaser, Kjetil Skogli, at 7 pm and we had our first sighting at 730 pm. It was an indescribable feeling! The lights felt like fairies dancing in the sky, a scene right out of Tempest or maybe the Snow Queen. The lights splash themselves all over the sky, refusing definition and rejecting structure, demonstrating once again that nature cannot be controlled.

Northern lights seen through iPhone 5S

Thereafter was a wait from 730 pm till midnight before there was another burst of activity. The period of waiting was tough. It was freezing cold and there was nothing else to do. Many a times I felt like giving up and thankfully we did not due to our most encouraging, persistent and dedicated guide. And the wait was worth it as we saw the dance in the skies for the second time.

In many ways, my encounters with nature these few days have really been powerful. As someone who placed a lot of premium on human intellect. I realized over these few days that truly, human intellect means very little in the face of nature. If we were to look nature squarely in the face, we would need a lot more than human intellect… A lot more.

Photo credits: George Lim
Photo credits: George Lim

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