My first cruise

With much trepidation, I boarded MS Lofoten at 12:30 am this morning, bracing myself for sea sickness, only to find that it really wasn’t that bad. At the very least, when I saw how small the cabin was, the horror of that superseded any seasickness that might have been there. While I have been expecting compressed living quarters, I honestly did not expect it to be this minuscule even though at the back of my mind, I did suspect that this would be the case. Nonetheless, my room mate and I adapted very quickly, made ourselves as comfortable as we could and headed to bed, after roaming the streets for 12 hours, while waiting to board the ship.

Breakfast this morning was a comfortable and cosy affair. Good spread of food and better quality of coffee served, well, better than I had expected. (Low expectations always help to make matters more pleasurable. ) However, one thing I missed much thus far would be hot food. Realistically, I know that with such cold weather, it would be hard to keep anything warm. Yet, coming from the sunny island near the equator, hot food is so much part of my life that not getting enough of it can wreak havoc to both my digestive and emotional system. Well, I guess both departments will need to adjust and adapt.

Such minor discomforts aside, life on cruise is truly leisurely and slow. I am currently writing this in the lounge, occasionally looking out of the window to enjoy the view, and that would be all I am likely to be doing for the next two days. I am not sure if I am going to be bored to tears or be well rested, or both, as a result, but we will find out in due course.

View from MS Lofoten

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