First battle with seasickness

I guess I spoke too soon yesterday when I said I wasn’t feeling seasick. Turbulent waters last evening brought on nausea, churning tummy and much discomfort. At first it was barely bearable and I tried to be brave. However matters soon spiraled out of control, no thanks to those awful choppy waters. I threw up everything I ate during dinner and still felt like throwing up, retching my guts out even when there was no longer any content that could come through.

I crawled back to bed as quickly as I could humanly manage, making a silent vow to myself not to leave it unless absolutely necessary. I felt so awful I did not even get up to clean or change. I changed into my pajamas in bed, all this while lying flat on my back. Don’t ask me how I dd it, I really don’t know; I guess when one is desperate, one can become agile beyond imagination.

The boat was rocking so much through the night that all unsecured belongings were falling everywhere in the room. As much as the noise was disturbing, my room mate and I were both too tired and sick to really care. Thankfully nothing was lost or really damaged when we woke up this morning. And with this, we concluded our first night on cruise and my first encounter with seasickness.

I don’t think I would ever wanna go on a cruise ever again. No matter how lovely the scenery promises to be ~

The ship that made me sick

P.S. Now that I am feeling better, I guess I would say that overall it hasn’t been too bad. While I don’t appreciate journeying by sea, I do appreciate the scenery.

Photo credits: George Lim
Colors from God

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