First time at a music museum

One of my travel companions is a music teacher; thus, when I saw that there was a Ringve Music Museum in Trondheim, I immediately added that to our itinerary. From our hotel near Joharis Gate, it was approximately an hour’ walk to the museum. When we started out, the weather was fine, which made the walk enjoyable. We could even pause along the way to take photos without our hands freezing.

View from the bridge
Colorful recycled Art*
Lade Kirke Church*
Lade Church*

Ringve Music Museum sits on top of a tiny hill and oversees a lovely botanic garden. Sadly, there is not much of a garden to see in winter. However, chance would have it that it started snowing once we reached the museum, so much so that we felt the season changed before our very eyes – from fall to winter. We continued to enjoy the snow fall and snow covered landscape in our first stop, the Sound Garden where we were treated to clips related to music. There was a memorable, though slightly long (10 min) clip documenting the use of a fish to make a wind instrument. That’s quite something, at least to me, who is not a music student.

The second exhibition area was on synthesizer and featured only one exhibit accompanied by a short video clip on its history. As the room was rather dark, we were not able to take any photo, which was quite the pity.

We spent the bulk of our time at the third exhibition, which featured many musical instruments. There were more than 50 audio recordings for this exhibition, explaining the history and development of various musical instruments and traditions. Even though I was unable to listen to every single recording in this audio guide, I learnt much from what I manage to finish.

Drum used by Sami people
Drum used by Sami people*

P.S. I am not sharing much detail here because there is simply too much to do so! This is also partly due to the fact that I was so engrossed I forgot to take any photo. Oops! 😋

* Photo credits: George Lim

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