Flying solo

Prelude It took me a while to pin down exactly when I travelled alone. That was so many years ago. My last solo vacation was sometime in 2007, some 8 years ago. The young gal who braved Tokyo, Shanghai and US on her own is now traveling alone once again, to Hong Kong, with much […]

Count our blessings

As of 1 Jan 2015, I am officially a bummer, a.k.a. unemployed or jobless. While family and friends returned to work after their respective year end breaks, I had nothing to return to. As everyone started school or work on 2 Jan, I did not know what to do with myself. Not teaching this semester […]

Remembering the forgotten

Ever since I returned from the States three and a half years ago, I kept telling myself I need to resume swimming lessons and make swimming part of my regular exercise routine. Unfortunately, three and a half years have gone by and… let’s just say my exercise routine remains non-existent. Thanks to the ActiveSG programme, […]