Remembering the forgotten

Ever since I returned from the States three and a half years ago, I kept telling myself I need to resume swimming lessons and make swimming part of my regular exercise routine. Unfortunately, three and a half years have gone by and… let’s just say my exercise routine remains non-existent. Thanks to the ActiveSG programme, which offers $100 credit for use at public sports facilities with each sign-up, I went for my first swim today. (I know now that this programme has been around for some time but I only found out about it last Christmas.) Thankfully I had the good sense to bring along a swimming aid, a.k.a. the board, fearing that I might have forgotten how to swim.

True enough, when I got to the pool, seeing all the water around me, I became slightly fearful, wondering if I might drown at the 1.25m pool. Of course, rationally, I know that such things don’t usually happen, but when you have been dunked repeatedly into the deep end of pools by people who did not know you can’t swim, I think I have good reason to be more paranoid than usual. I was also afraid that someone might accidentally knock into me and I would fall into the deep end once again. Talk about an over-active imagination! *grin*

After talking myself into swimming, as opposed to heading straight home after seeing the water, I must confess I didn’t last very long in the pool. 20 minutes. That was all I could manage. I took some time trying to remember how to breathe underwater, how to kick and how to move in the water. It was like I was trying to work with my body to remember something I know I learnt in the past, but have somehow forgotten. For once, my body is working harder than my brain as the muscles recall what need to be done.

At the end of these brief minutes, most of my muscles were screaming for rest. And I really shouldn’t be surprised. My last real swim was in Feb 2010, slightly before I went for my LASIK operation. This means that it has been a good five years since I had a swim. Given that I didn’t drown (not that it was meant to happen), this feels like a good start to re-instituting a swimming routine in my life.

Hopefully, this won’t be the first and last swim for this year. After all, I did buy a monthly swim pass for $10 credit, expiring on 4 Feb. 😛

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