Chinese New Year 2015

Even before CNY, I had an inkling that things would be different this year. Already, there were signs of it, with this being the first CNY as the ‘only child’ at home after both siblings got married and move out, this also being the first CNY where I was neither working nor studying. So, how […]

《冲上云霄》Triumph In The Skies – A review

A long, long time ago when I was a J-drama fan, I watched an 11-episode drama series “Good Luck” starring Kimura Takuya and Shibasaki Kou, featuring a story about pilots, flight stewardess and aircraft maintenance engineers . When TVB released a similar drama but with 40 episodes, I resisted watching it, thinking that such a ‘draggy […]

Another wedding in the family

This time, it was my sister who was getting married. Unlike my brother’s wedding, which was a customary Chinese wedding ceremony followed by lunch reception, my sister was to be married in her home church and she would not be holding a wedding banquet. One would think that, without having to worry about a wedding […]

My morning at a clinic

I went for my first health assessment in 3 years and it is when I was telling folks about it that I realized, gone are the days where we refer to health assessment as “body check-up.” When I slipped and used this now archaic expression, I was greeted with funny looks. Isn’t it interesting to […]