Saying goodbye

I made my way to Padang after night class at 10 pm even though I was feeling slightly under the weather. I met up with my cousins and started queuing at approximately 11 pm. As we were walking to join the queue, we could hear kind volunteers shouting (nicely) at the top of their voices, […]

7 months later ~ head versus heart

It has been 7 months since I left full-time work and 2 months have past since I stopped part-time work. And where did all that time go? January was gone before I realised it and February was a month of celebrations, jumping from sis’ wedding straight to CNY celebrations. So here we are finally in […]

Reflections on 《茶馆》Teahouse

When I first heard that Teahouse would be staged at the Esplanade as part of the Huayi Festival and by the Beijing People’s Art Theatre, my interest was piqued. However, I was still unsure if I should catch it or not, being unfamiliar with this play and the group staging it. The tipping point came when […]

Sleep & me

Going into Day X of combating this flu bug… It is now ‘X’ because I have already lost count of the number of days I have been sick, constantly reminding myself not to take good health for granted again. I went to bed not long after I posted the last entry and as I thought […]

Sick of being sick ~ a whiny post

Being sick is no fun. And having to be caregiver to self is even worse. Cleaning up the bathroom as I puke was certainly not something I would be keen to ever try again. Wednesday was my usual mid-week errands day so I was hopping about getting things done. I did experience some chills on […]