Sick of being sick ~ a whiny post

Being sick is no fun. And having to be caregiver to self is even worse. Cleaning up the bathroom as I puke was certainly not something I would be keen to ever try again.

Wednesday was my usual mid-week errands day so I was hopping about getting things done. I did experience some chills on and off throughout the day but didn’t make much of it. In fact, Wednesday was a good day. However, by the time I got to bed, I began to feel that something was not quite right. No matter how I tried, I had trouble sleeping, a phenomena that was somewhat unfamiliar to me. When Thursday arrived, I felt utterly broken! My body ached as if I ran a marathon yesterday, my head was pounding, my throat was sore and I couldn’t swallow. And to top it all, I started coughing. Overnight, I literally became a rag doll! I had no idea what happened, but I was so sick on Thursday I never quite got out of bed except to perform bodily functions.

I wasn’t sure if it was my usual sinus problem or I caught a flu bug and I was simply too miserable to find out. Thursday was literally hell but the saving grace was I did manage to sleep on Thursday night. I woke up feeling bad but definitely better than Thursday and decided to pay my regular GP a visit to get to the root of this matter and resolve it. Unfortunately, my regular GP was away on holiday till the following Tuesday and I was stuck with the locum doctor. I wasn’t excited but at least I had medicine and therefore hope of feeling better real soon. Or so I thought.

The medicine did work, for a while. I managed to last through my 3-hour night class in the evening and I even managed to catch some sleep and grab lunch and manuka honey in town the following day. And things started to turn bad again. I tried to go to bed early, around 11 pm but I was really just tossing and turning. At 1 am thereabouts, I started retching and threw up the medicine that I ate. I continued tossing and turning, coughing, wheezing and choking till 6 am. It was one of the longest nights in my life. I did wonder as I checked my phone every 30 minutes who would outlive and outlast – the virus or me.

I made myself macaroni at 630 am and comfort food made me feel a lot better. I dragged myself to church and survived a long day in church till 3 pm before coming home and started puking the subsequent round of medication at around 4 pm. As long as I was sitting up, the coughing was bearable but if I ever tried to lie down, I would have so much trouble even just breathing!

Yes, I do know the problem – nasal fluid back flow is the real culprit here… but what I didn’t know till just down as I sat down and thought about it: I only experience this once a year, after every CNY break. With the help of Google, I finally uncovered the reason, which in simplistic terms: butter aids mucus production and butter is found in many CNY cookies! And this is an assault to my body because for the remaining 11 months of the year I generally live on a butter-free diet! This was revelation for me as it would help me prevent future recurrence.

However, right now, it doesn’t solve any problem. I continue to be plagued by coughing fits. Being sleep deprived, I am absolutely cranky and I just wish all these would go away quickly! Yup, for a rare occurrence, I did an outright whine on the Internet. I figured if anyone read this, they would probably be sympathetic and a bit more patient than usual. And I certainly hope you had a good laugh at how silly sick people (of minor illnesses) can be.

And yes, I am sorry for cancelling on all of you last minute. You are the folks whom I really didn’t wanna risk spreading the germs to. For those of you whom I saw, it wasn’t because I didn’t care about your well-being, but that I was confident you wouldn’t be adversely affected. Oh well, it’s up to you to believe and right now I am still too sickly and cranky to want to be nice. *bawl*

P.S. I might eventually delete this really childish rant, but for now, here it is. 😛

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