Sleep & me

Going into Day X of combating this flu bug… It is now ‘X’ because I have already lost count of the number of days I have been sick, constantly reminding myself not to take good health for granted again. I went to bed not long after I posted the last entry and as I thought about sleep and my current sleep patterns today, I couldn’t help but see some kind of bizarre humour in it.

Firstly, I had to make sure I line up all the things I might possibly need in the middle of the night, e.g. my phone, medicated oil and water in my water bottle. Because I really didn’t want to wake my parents up in the middle of the night. Then I started stacking up pillows and got myself into a semi-comfortable position. Honestly, I was feeling a lot better last evening and was hopeful that I would be able to sleep some, if not sleep through the night. And thus the battle began.

My sleep-deprived body wanted to sleep so it wasn’t long before I fell asleep. Yay! And the next thing I knew, I would be rocking and choking, I quickly sat up and in no time the coughing and choking would cease. I would check my phone and realised that I was only asleep for 10 minutes. Sighing, I put down my phone and went back to trying to sleep. The same thing would happen – I would wake myself up choking and coughing and realised only 15 minutes have passed. This went on for approximately 3 to 4 times, with me being able to sleep more each time. Yay to small steps!

Eventually I managed to fall asleep sometime after 2 or 3 am ~ I lost track ~ and woke up only at 6 plus this morning. I drank some water and tried to sleep some more, and… I only work up at 11 am! I was so thankful for all the progress made, for finally being able to sleep somewhat like a normal human being. And that was when I laughed. It felt like I was the subject of study and this got to be some weird science experiment that I didn’t know was happening.

That said, sleep did not do very much for my state of mind. While I was definitely less edgy today when compared to yesterday, all that coughing, choking, and more puking today was really trying. Thankfully, mum made sure there were always comfort food close by as long as I could keep the food in. To make things worse, for reasons unknown to me, I was perpetually dehydrated, even though I literally drank water non-stop throughout the day. I am still sipping hot water as I typed.

Thus far, this was really an extraordinary episode of sickness and this flu bug felt so different from the usual cold and flu. It really felt like war to me, a test of my will power to get well and get even too with this horrid bug, and I just wished all these would be over soon. Why? Other than the usual reasons, I have an assignment is due on Thursday and I need to be somewhat healthy and sane to be able to write my analysis and do the translation. *wail*

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