Pace myself

It has been 2 weeks since I have gone back to work; and just 2 weeks into my current posting, things are still sufficiently rosy for me to say with all sincerity I do love what I am doing. I look forward to going to work and when I am there, I work. 

There are times when I am so caught up with what I am doing that the temptation to put in longer hours, to just do a bit more, is overwhelming. And then I remember, I need to pace myself. If I don’t watch my pace, no one else would. And if I don’t watch my pace, then I am most definitely going down the path of yet another burn out as I did the last time round. 

And so I learn, pacing myself is possibly the first thing I need to get right as I return to full-time work, hoping to last the entire race this time round. 

Pace myself. How easily forgotten.

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