Feeling blue… In a good way

After being in Taiwan for 5 days now, this was the first day we were greeted with clear blue skies, and you can thus imagine how thrilled we were. However, as with all things, there were always pros and cons, the clear skies meant warmer day to the point where it felt as hot as […]

At the top of the world 

Moving into the 4th day of our 6-day vacation in Taiwan, our energies continue to run on the high side as we quite literally run amok in Cingjing. Today began as early as 5 am when I heard murmurs near by. It turned out that the Chia sisters were star gazing. Not satisfied with the […]

Up, up & away to Cingjing

Day 3 saw us starting the day early as we begin our ascend to Cingjing, but not before visiting one final attraction of Taichung. We headed to the Carton King flagship store, a favorite among Singaporeans, to see what the fuss is about. Even though there was a restaurant onsite, we were still required to […]

How do people learn?

After a century of theories about how hard it is to learn to read, a new generation of phone-messaging teenagers have invented new literacies without a theory of differential learning in sight. If we can save the word learning for events like this, we might have something to work with and work for. – McDermott, […]