At the top of the world 

Moving into the 4th day of our 6-day vacation in Taiwan, our energies continue to run on the high side as we quite literally run amok in Cingjing.

Today began as early as 5 am when I heard murmurs near by. It turned out that the Chia sisters were star gazing. Not satisfied with the view from our room’s balcony, they went out to the roof-top to continue their date with the stars. As for me, I continued to hide under the blankets, steering clear from the cold. However, with curtains pulled back, I could see the terrain before me slowly being lighted up as the sun rose for the day. And to see the different colours take over the sky is something that always take my breath away.

Taken at 6:30 am
Taken at 7:45 am

After breakfast, we made our way to Cingjing Farm 清境农场. Even though I have been to Cingjing prior to this trip, I have never had a close encounter with the sheep and as I was wondering what would it be like, 2 sheep ran past me. It was both a shock and a surprise, if you know what I mean. I did not expect to see sheep running unsupervised around the farm (okay, like what was I expecting, right!) and sheep poo to be just as plentiful as tourists. In fact, it was at Cingjing that I realised that perhaps half of Singapore was here. But I soon got used to my surroundings and became such a huge fan of these divas that I would run after them for close-up shots.

Eventually, we have had enough of sheep and began to take notice of my surroundings. Other than sheep, the mountainous terrain of Cingjing has its unique appeal. It was relaxing walking along hiking pathways and taking in the fresh air (minus poop smell when we move further from the sheep) and lush green sights. This brief visit was both exhausting and invigorating.

Even though we have done ~ I think ~ everything a tourist would do at Cingjing, I still felt sad leaving the place after 2D1N here.

Our next stop was Feeling Eighteen, a gourmet chocolate store nearby. Apparently this chocolate boutique is a tourist attraction; I was skeptical but when I reached, I was greeted with crowds of local tourists. No doubt the place was nicely done up and pleasing to the eye, it was however more of a by-the-way kind of a visit. I would not recommend driving out just to see the place. Curiosity piqued by the excitement of the other tourists around me, I decided to try the chocolate. Nowhere near Royce nor Godiva quality, the chocolate tasted alright and was probably over-priced for the tourist dollar. I would not recommend a purchase though a visit would not hurt if you happen to be in the area.

Our last stop for the day was Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林, a last-minute addition to the itinerary after seeing the lovely photos of a friend who visited recently; and this is despite lavender not in season. I really liked the Lavender Cottage. When I was there, I felt transported to a different world, a world of play, fun, childhood and innocence. As I looked at the photos taken, I truly appreciate the thought that went into the design of this place and thankful to the designer for his or her ingenuity, to be able to create a ‘whole new world’ on a rather small plot of land.

Other than exploring the grounds, we also spent some time at the cafe, to rest a day and to replenish the fluids and energy. It was really quite invigorating to sit and look out of the cafe window, enjoying the scene before us. Unfortunately, we eventually have to leave for Taipei… As we were leaving, it began to rain, just like when we were driving in, which brought to mind how fortunate we were that the rain stopped during the duration of our visit, giving us lovely outdoor photos to remember this place.

Our day finally wrapped up with a ‘pilgrimage’ to Ximending 西门町, taking in the pop culture and vibe of the place. Whilst there, we saw street dance, more street food, many youths, as well as something that brought out the fan girl in me… ❤


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