Enjoying a quiet moment at Memento

I was introduced to this cafe by a friend who happens to work in the area, who raved about the awesome food and amazing dessert, while remarking how value-for-money they were. And I absolutely trusted her because she is someone who DOES NOT RAVE.

We got our act together pretty quickly and our group of three gals finally found a time where we could all make it and head over for a late lunch.

For someone who does not drive and who love cafes, my frequent lament is that good cafes are seldom accessibly by public transport (and I don’t mean taxis). Memento however, is located within Cairnhill Community Club and for someone who walks really slowly like me, a mere 7-minute walk from Newton MRT station. So, you can see, it is really quite easy to like this place already.

When I located the place within the community club, I was immediately drawn to the simplicity of the set-up. Untreated floor, plain wood furnishings and a really quiet environment… It felt like the perfect place for a quiet afternoon. Except that it really wasn’t quite possible to be that quiet when you put three girls in the same room.

The staff was really young but generally helpful and rather cheerful, which made me felt welcome and comfortable. It could also be that the lunch crowd has just exited and I was the one customer in the cafe. I soon got seated and shown the menu, which won me over immediately with lovely title font. Yes, that easy!

The cake display was also quite a sight to behold. I was totally distracted from the lovely sweets before me that I barely resisted the temptation to order everything!

It was difficult but in the end, we decide to share two choices of pasta and a cake among the three of us. We found the food to be flavourful (another way of saying nice lah!) and even though we weren’t big eaters, we managed to polish everything off the plates. The cake tasted as heavenly as it looked, but as with many chocolate cakes, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. The taste was pretty uniform, which meant that you kind of got sick of the same taste after a while. So, it turned out to be a good thing that we were sharing the cake.

I did try to encourage my friends to go for another cake but they logically refused, as we were all stuffed and they knew (oops!) I was just being greedy. We all agreed that while the portions did not look large, the food and dessert filled us up pretty quickly!

For the coffee and tea drinkers out there, the three of us also agreed that the coffee and tea here was good. I had a cappuccino, which I found to be aromatic and with just enough body  for me. My friend ordered a tea, which they served in a really pretty set-up (which I forgot to photograph) and which she thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Overall, we had a good time catching up over food and drinks, enjoying the cafe (for the most part) all to ourselves on a weekday afternoon. I would recommend this place for girls’ chat and during off peak hours, as a possible location to chill over good coffee and cakes.

Memento Patisserie Cafe
1 Anthony Road #01-02
Singapore 229944
Nearest MRT Station: Newton
Visited on 4 Jul 2016

P.S. For the backstory to this series of reviews, please refer to my earlier post on Single in Singapore.

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