Hidden oasis in Oasia Downtown

The Marmalade Pantry needs no introduction, being a chic restaurant that is popular among ladies and families. Ironically, I never had a chance to visit it because every time I was in the vicinity, it would no doubt be full house.

For a long while now, I have considered The Marmalade Pantry as a ‘Orchard Road kind of place’, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out that it has set up shop on the ground floor of Hotel Oasia Downtown. In my mind, The Marmalade Pantry and CBD simply does not seem to go together.

Normally, I would have no business at a hotel on Sunday mornings, but that fateful weekend, I had arranged to meet up with a friend who was visiting from overseas. She was staying at Hotel Oasia Downtown and I was there to pick her up for lunch. As she was not ready, I needed to find a place to chill and while away time as I waited for her.

I was immediately drawn to The Marmalade Pantry, which was thoroughly empty at 1130 am, making it an ideal location to enjoy some coffee and cake, more accurately, cupcake, as I waited for my friend to get down from her room.

I really liked how the space was done up and utilised, keeping it really open and having it flow very nicely into the other parts of the hotel. The fact that the seats were parallel to the glass doors meant that I could enjoy the warm sunshine without getting the sun in my eyes. It really felt like the perfect way to spend a quiet morning all by myself.

When asked if the cupcakes were freshly made, the server was honest in her reply, explaining that there were from yesterday. Truth be told, while I had wished for freshly made cupcakes, I was realistic enough to expect otherwise. As such, even though the response was not what I was hoping for, it did not stop my from making a purchase or enjoying my food. Did I mention that the cappuccino was just as satisfying?

Brief though my visit was, I had a good time and am certainly planning on coming back more often till it gets too crowded for comfort.

The Marmalade Pantry
100 Peck Seah Street #01-01
Singapore 079333
Nearest MRT station: Tanjong Pagar
Visited on 7 Aug 2016

P.S. For the backstory to this series of reviews, please refer to my earlier post on Single in Singapore.

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