75 hours in Tokyo ~ Day 4

Continuing the spirit of adventure, Day 4 like Day 3 was very much about taking on the unknown. Instead of staying in the hotel till it was time to head to the airport, as I typically would do, I set out once again to explore the neighbourhood and find somewhere nice for lunch. After close to 45 minutes of walking and not finding anything interesting, I was on the verge of giving up and returning to the hotel when I saw this cafe diagonally across the street (from the hotel I was staying at). No idea what I would find there, I decided to give it a chance.


I was pleasantly surprised to find reasonably priced and decently yummy cafe fare. Both the pasta and coffee, simple as they were, brightened up my day. And if the cosy ambience, polite staff and good food weren’t enough reasons for me to fall in love with this establishment, the availability of charging stations sealed the deal. Built for singles like myself, each table for one came with power supply that allowed my phone to refuel as I did.

While I was mightily pleased with myself for discovering this cafe, I also wanted to hit myself for checking it out so late – on the last day of my trip. However, life sometimes is as such, and I would simply be thankful that I did not miss out on this gem. And on this note, I would say that my brief sojourn to Tokyo has come to a satisfying end.

In retrospect, I was glad I made this trip, allowing me to call a time-out from work and all that was draining my energy and weighing me down. It gave me time and space to look back to the time before I quit my job, the time after I quit my job and the past year after returning to full-time work, helping me see what was truly important and how I allowed myself to be dragged into perhaps matters that did not concern me… And I will leave it as that for now. 🙂

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