What does it mean to be Together Alive?

What does it mean to be “Together Alive”? This was the question that preoccupied many of us as we came together as a community in search of some answers. For 5 days, we heard speakers share their stories and insights, watched pre-recorded videos on the impact of community in times of personal tragedies and prolonged crisis, and talked candidly with one another our pains and struggles. It was a beautiful experience watching and being part of the community taking baby steps out of its comfort zone. Individuals taking the risk to be vulnerable before one another, exposing a bit of our true selves to one another by revealing a slice of our deepest pains and struggles. Together, we acknowledged our fears, our inadequacies, our brokenness, bringing to light the hurts and pains that were too gripping to be talked about. It was the coming together of individuals as themselves and becoming a community. It was a liberating experience for some of us.

Note: This post was started on 19 Jun and never quite beyond the paragraph you just read. For me, reading this again, 4 months after, I think this encapsulates the essence of the experience, as I remember it to be. And this is why the post is finally up, getting new life after being buried in ‘Drafts’ all this time. 

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