To work again

Having returned to full-time work for slightly over 8 months now, working on projects that for the most part were satisfyingly challenging, where the office environment was encouraging and colleagues generally demonstrated camaraderie. Things should look better than it previously was. Yet, I continued to feel overwhelmed and when asked how I feel these days, my response comprised […]

2016: Let it go

2016 sneaked up on me when I was unwell, around the time when I was re-callibrating my lifestyle in response to what I call ‘reduced functional hours’. In the last couple of months, I became tired easily, easily worn out due to chronic fatigue. This meant that for the past couple of months, I had […]

Incoherent musings on 《我的少女時代》

老套的故事帶我進入回不去的年代 熟悉的人物讓我回憶曾出現的他們 已流逝的歲月使我想起17歲的我們 謝謝曾出現過的你們、陪我走過一段路的知己、我留不住的幸運。祝你安好。 I was not planning to watch 《我的少女時代》, well, at least not in a cinema. Having watched the trailer, the theme song MV and interviews with the cast and crew, I was not the least impressed. However, rave reviews from unexpected sources prompted me to give the movie a chance, which I […]

Pace myself

It has been 2 weeks since I have gone back to work; and just 2 weeks into my current posting, things are still sufficiently rosy for me to say with all sincerity I do love what I am doing. I look forward to going to work and when I am there, I work.  There are […]