A teacher’s heart

Only two days into the week, I am ready to declare this to be a most difficult week, drained physically and emotionally. Nursing a sore throat and experiencing the onset of flu, my energy level is dreadfully low. However, low energy is never a good enough reason for any teacher to miss class and as […]

A teacher’s role

As I once again step into the shoes of a teacher, I begin to reflect on what does a teacher really do. Below are some insights that arose from spending two days in the classroom. A teacher is firstly a learner. Before I can begin to teach, I need to learn. I need to master […]

To teach again

Aug 2010 was the last time I stood before a class, just before I left Singapore for the United States to pursue a Masters degree, and how much I have forgotten what it feels like to teach. Apart from the usual anxiety of having to face a class again, uncertain whether I would be able to […]