At the top of the world 

Moving into the 4th day of our 6-day vacation in Taiwan, our energies continue to run on the high side as we quite literally run amok in Cingjing. Today began as early as 5 am when I heard murmurs near by. It turned out that the Chia sisters were star gazing. Not satisfied with the […]

Up, up & away to Cingjing

Day 3 saw us starting the day early as we begin our ascend to Cingjing, but not before visiting one final attraction of Taichung. We headed to the Carton King flagship store, a favorite among Singaporeans, to see what the fuss is about. Even though there was a restaurant onsite, we were still required to […]

Flying solo

Prelude It took me a while to pin down exactly when I travelled alone. That was so many years ago. My last solo vacation was sometime in 2007, some 8 years ago. The young gal who braved Tokyo, Shanghai and US on her own is now traveling alone once again, to Hong Kong, with much […]