Do students think?

That is a question I ask myself a lot during my time as an adjunct faculty member of a local university, As much as I enjoyed interacting with young minds, I found it exceptionally difficult to get students to think, in particular to think beyond the immediate and the obvious. There would be times when […]

Incoherent musings on 《我的少女時代》

老套的故事帶我進入回不去的年代 熟悉的人物讓我回憶曾出現的他們 已流逝的歲月使我想起17歲的我們 謝謝曾出現過的你們、陪我走過一段路的知己、我留不住的幸運。祝你安好。 I was not planning to watch 《我的少女時代》, well, at least not in a cinema. Having watched the trailer, the theme song MV and interviews with the cast and crew, I was not the least impressed. However, rave reviews from unexpected sources prompted me to give the movie a chance, which I […]