十年情誼 走過的 叫足跡 走不到 叫憧憬 學會收拾起叛逆 學會隱藏了表情 卸下了 這面具 我想說 謝謝你 謝謝你 一路陪我到這裡 我是在「知足」之後才開始接觸五月天,第一次買專輯、出席簽唱會是2005年的事,正逢他們來新宣傳他們的第五張錄音室專集「神的孩子在跳舞」。


To work again

Having returned to full-time work for slightly over 8 months now, working on projects that for the most part were satisfyingly challenging, where the office environment was encouraging and colleagues generally demonstrated camaraderie. Things should look better than it previously was. Yet, I continued to feel overwhelmed and when asked how I feel these days, my response comprised… Continue reading To work again