75 hours in Tokyo ~ Day 4

Continuing the spirit of adventure, Day 4 like Day 3 was very much about taking on the unknown. Instead of staying in the hotel till it was time to head to the airport, as I typically would do, I set out once again to explore the neighbourhood and find somewhere nice for lunch. After close […]

A walk down memory lane

After an extremely busy first half of the year, I am finally flying away for my very first break today. And 9 Jun is really just like any other ordinary day, other than the fact that it marked the beginning of my short vacation to Hokkaido.  This trip too, would have just been another ordinary […]

Feeling blue… In a good way

After being in Taiwan for 5 days now, this was the first day we were greeted with clear blue skies, and you can thus imagine how thrilled we were. However, as with all things, there were always pros and cons, the clear skies meant warmer day to the point where it felt as hot as […]