Packing for Norway

Three friends and I visited Norway from 5 to 16 Dec 2014 and we really enjoyed ourselves. However, we went with our eyes open, recipients of good advice from all who have made the trip before us; as we managed our expectations, we were able to avoid disappointment. As such, we also want to do […]

Wrapping up

When I began teaching again in August, I walked into class with much reservation and trepidation, having been out of the classroom for so long. As the semester unfolded, I learnt alongside my students, about their likes and dislikes, their hopes and aspirations and things that were on their mind right now. Along the way, […]

First time at a music museum

One of my travel companions is a music teacher; thus, when I saw that there was a Ringve Music Museum in Trondheim, I immediately added that to our itinerary. From our hotel near Joharis Gate, it was approximately an hour’ walk to the museum. When we started out, the weather was fine, which made the […]

My first cruise

With much trepidation, I boarded MS Lofoten at 12:30 am this morning, bracing myself for sea sickness, only to find that it really wasn’t that bad. At the very least, when I saw how small the cabin was, the horror of that superseded any seasickness that might have been there. While I have been expecting […]